Who Are We?


Steve Barlow is tall and hairy, Steve Skidmore isn’t! Together they are Britain’s most popular comedy writing and performing double act for young people.

The 2 Steves met over twenty years ago when they were both teaching in Nottingham. Since then they have written over 200 books together. They have also acted as series editors on numerous reading programmes for several major publishing houses.

In addition to their many popular fiction series like Action Dogs, Challenger, iHero, iHorror, Mad Myths, Vernon Bright and The Dark Forest, they have written many non fiction books, TV scripts and edited many plays.  They also write extensively for the reluctant reader.

Sadly, Steve Barlow no longer undertakes school visits, but the GOOD news, is that Steve Skidmore does! Please do contact him to see what he can offer you and your students!

How did we meet?
We were teaching drama at a school in Nottingham, England. We started to write plays for the students we were teaching. People liked our material, so we branched out to write non-fiction and fiction. We became full time authors in 2000.
How do we write together?
Barlow does the consonants, Skidmore does the vowels and we argue about the punctuation! When this doesn’t work very well (which is most of the time) we sit down and do a lot of talking and planning. (This is mostly done via web cam) Then we write the material, swap it over and talk about it even more. Finally, when we have a finished draft, we read it out loud from line one to the end, changing and rewriting as necessary.