Shakespeare – Graphic Novels



Coming very soon!

There are 6 tiles in this series.

Inclusion is at the heart of this series. We have simplified Shakespeare’s language to make it as accessible as possible for both older primary and secondary students. 

There is a dyslexia-friendly design on every page, and we are encouraging readers to see themselves in the iconic roles.

Each graphic novel also includes introductory materials to help set the scene and context of each play, and extra material including an exploration of themes in the play, the language, Shakespeare’s inspirations, the publication and performance of the play in history, a time-line of Shakespeare’s life and works, and much more!



Illustrated by Edu Coll
IIlustrated by Wendy Tan
Illustrated by Jason Millet and Edu Rubio
Illustrated by Wendy Tan
Illustrated by Edu Coll
Illustrated by Allesandro Valdrighi and Edu Rubio