Work! Work! Work! – Three short plays



Three short plays based on the labours of Hercules.

Hercules has been a very naughty boy. To make up for it, he’s given a number of jobs to do by the Greek Gods. But there aren’t the easy go-down-to-the-shops or wash-the-dishes type of jobs. These are worse – a lot worse!

Getting them done is going to mean work, work, work!


The 2 Steves say… “Monsters! Heroes! Gods and Goddesses! The myths of Ancient Greece are full of these and more beside. We’ve always loved reading and writing about them. One of our favourite myths is the Labours of Hercules (or Heracles in Greek).

Heracles was half man, half god and total hero! But he could also be a bit of a naughty boy. He got into trouble, BIGTIME, and as a punishment he had to perform twelve tasks (or labours). We’ve taken three of our favourite labours and turned them into playscripts. We hope you like them…

Other people say… “This is a FUNNY book!”


Pearson (Bug Club) 978-0-435-07605-4