What People Say

“WOWSERS – what can I say about The2Steves this afternoon?  They were, as Sir John Jones says, weavers of magic!  They were inspirational and the way they ran the show hooked children and adults alike.  Everyone was in awe and wonder at just what was coming next – the rapport which was created was truly inspirational.” – Teacher at Wearhead Primary School
“An irrepressibly brilliant team.”- Chris Brown SLA
.“The 2Steves are the Festival’s fave double act.” – NCBF

“Their books are perfect for performance. To fully appreciate these two, they have to be seen and heard. No amount of adjectives really do them justice.” – Chris d’Lacey

“The 2Steves know what reluctant readers need and want… and deliver.” – TES

“The whole session was such an invaluable experience, which has informed and inspired future teaching.”

B ED student, Derby

“From your visit I have learned that writing is fun and adventurous, not just boring and rubbish like I used to think it was.” – Year 5 Pupil, Galley Hill Junior School, UK

“A fantastic interactive performance, which had all the children and teachers enthralled!”- SLS, Calderdale CC

“Authors, Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore, have always been experts in reaching out to children through their witty and accessible books, so it comes as no surprise that they are once more at the forefront of new developments in reading and literacy.” – Fantasy Book Review

“The 2 Steves have an uncanny instinct for knowing what their readers want and an enviable knack for always delivering – in gigabytes.”

“A pair of authors who have their finger on the pulse of junior humour.”

“…wickedly funny…”

“These two guys just keep hitting the right note every time.”

“You were the stars of the festival!”

“Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore are one of the most entertaining acts you will ever see on the author circuit.”