New Plays

Steve B with Julia Donaldoson, author of The Gruffalo
Steve B with Julia Donaldoson, author of The Gruffalo

We’ve teamed up with Julia Donaldson (author of The Gruffalo) and Bug Club to write three plays in a brand new series of short plays to read for younger pupils.

My Dog’s Got No Nose!

At the Vet’s

Snow White – The Hex Factor

are all laugh out loud funny! They have parts for 6 characters and are written with a range of ability levels in mind.


Julia wanted a series of plays to combat the Government’s obsession with phonic based teaching. Launching the books she said, “What I’ve always thought is that children learn in various different ways. Some children respond better to phonics, some to looking and seeing words and some learn by osmosis. Any good teacher knows you need a variety of ways of reading.”


She came up with the idea of the playlets after listening to children at her son’s school. “I hit on the idea of writing some very short and simple plays where they could all get involved. It worked a treat. The children loved having a part to read and they started putting much more expression into the words.

“After one read-through we would swap the parts around and that way any new vocabulary really sank in. Their reading came on in leaps and bounds.”


We were very happy to contribute to the series as many years ago, we were Julia’s editors when she first wrote some plays for the Ginn 360 reading scheme! Now the boot’s on the other foot – how times change!


To find out more about the plays click here