“Ahoy, me hearties”

SSSBHorrorLast year we were busy writing several new titles and we’re pleased to say that they are starting to be published!  More titles will be out and about over the coming months so keep an eye out for them!






Parrots3Parrots of the Caribbean

Illustrated by Jez Tuya

Doghouse Dave is the worst pirate EVER! When he is thrown off his pirate ship, he ends up meeting the wickedest pirates that ever sailed the Caribbean Sea.  A thrilling, hilarious adventure that’s sure to make you go “OOOOHHH ARRRR! – SQUAWK!”

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Transylvania United

Illustrated by Sam Hearn

In this comic book, Abi is gutted when she is sacked from her job as football manager of Downcast Rovers. But she is soon back managing when a team with a monstrous reputation ask her to help them out. Can she tackle the horror of the situation and lead them to a spooktacular victory?

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Illustrated by Andrew Chiu

Tom wakes up in a strange bed, in a strange house, in a strange place. There are no phones, papers or internet, and no way out..

Where is he? And how did he get there? Can the mysterious Megan help him remember and solve the mystery?



The 2Steves Say… “Our editor rang us up and asked, ‘Can you write a book in less than 400 words. It has to have a great story, strong characters and make people want to read!’ Wow – a tough gig! But we think we’ve done it. Read it and see (and can you guess the twist at the end?!)”


Other people say… “a book children will find a great incentive to reading.”


Franklin Watts ISBN 978-1445118147