British Media Awards

Oh so close!

Our gamebook app, NSS G Story, was nominated for an award in the 2017 British Media Awards and we won SILVER!

Hachette and Insight (the producers behind the app) were up for the new Partnership of the Year award.

The criteria for the award was set out by the judges to celebrate creative partnerships:

A by-product of the rapid disruption in media is that it becomes increasingly challenging for any one publisher or agency to fulfil every role in developing and launching a new product or service. Instead, many media companies are choosing to team up to deliver upon their vision as partners.

 This award recognises the best partnerships within the media world, rewarding teams from different companies that delivered value back to their parent organisations through cooperation. 

 We were very pleased to be an integral part of this project. The winners were announced at The Hilton Park Lane in London on 3rd May.