One Offs

Dream On!

The school play is Romeo and Juliet, Charlie is desperate for a glamorous part but only gets the role of the middle-age nurse! Meanwhile beautiful Deborah is Juliet and Charlie’s heart-throb, Garth is Romeo.
Could life get any worse?

The 2Steves say… “This is partly based on the real life experiences we had when putting on school plays. Romeo and Juliet seemed to be the perfect vehicle for our character, Charlie. She is a day-dreamer and one of the major themes of Romeo and Juliet is dreams and being able to distinguish between what is real and what is unreal. Oh yes and it is about love and romance as well!”

Other people say… “This excellent and very funny book is a highly recommended addition to any teenage fiction shelf.”

Barn Owl Books ISBN 9781903015797


Get Better Grades – with Margie Agnew & Lee Pascal

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