School Visits

“The 2 Steves are the most energetic & entertaining authors I have ever met. Book them, schools, you won’t be sorry!”

–  Caroline Lawrence, author of The Roman Mysteries

“They’re legendary on the circuit for their brilliant school and festival shows…”

Philip Reeve, Carnegie winning author

To fully appreciate these two, they have to be seen – and heard. No amount of adjectives really do them justice.”

– Chris De Lacey, writer

“From your visit I have learned that writing is fun and adventurous, not just boring and rubbish like I used to think it was.”

– Year 5 pupil, UK


Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore are among the cream of writers who provide brilliantly entertaining and inspiring visits to schools and libraries across the world. They also undertake INSET sessions and have worked extensively with The British Council delivering sessions to hundreds of teachers. They also make regular appearances at literary festivals including Edinburgh, Cheltenham, NCBF, Hay and Bath.

As ex-teachers, they are well able to respond to your needs and deliver interactive sessions across the age ranges.

These sessions have been described as:

“entertaining”, “hilarious”, “brilliant” and “mad”!

The 2Steves say:

 We are both ex-teachers with 20+ years teaching experience.  Since leaving the classroom, we have undertaken hundreds of school and library visits over the past 15 years, so we are able offer a variety of sessions that are appropriate for your children.  We are of course, always willing to listen to specific requirements you may have.  We aim to be as flexible as possible to meet your requirements and so make the visit an enjoyable and rewarding visit for all concerned.

We are available for school / library / festival visits – wherever they may be! We have visited hundreds of schools and as ex-teachers, have a good understanding of schools and library-based work. We can work with Key Stages (1,2,3 and 4) and can also undertake 6th form work. We have produced a guide to organising school visits, which you can download by clicking here. This has been adopted by both The Society of Authors and the UK organisers of World Book Day. It is intended as a positive guide for getting the most out of a visit.

If you would like to contact us regarding a visit, click here. For information of present fees and booking details, click here.





A presentation on what is entailed in being “an author” and writing from personal experience.
This session encourages students to regard themselves as writers and to value their experiences as source material for their work. It also promotes self-esteem and aims to encourage even the most reluctant writer to help realise their potential. There may also be time for a Q & A session.
Suitable for: Yrs 5/6/7/8/9
Numbers: 20 – 250+ these are negotiable depending on age of students and size of room. If numbers rise above 250, we may have to have a suitable PA system in place (2 lapel radio mikes)
Time: 45 – 75 minutes
(Steve Barlow or Steve Skidmore may be able to offer this session on an individual basis. Please contact us for further details).



An interactive play reading with lots of audience participation / role play. There is potential for follow up activities in drama, art and other curriculum areas.
Suitable for: KS1, lower KS2 (Yrs 3/4)
Numbers: 25 – 120
Time: 45-60 mins



A lively and funny interactive literary game show based on our Action Dogs series.
Audience: KS2 (all yrs) or mixed audience (families and friends).
Numbers: 60 – 300 (more may be possible by agreement)
Time: @60 minutes



A lively and funny interactive literary game show based on our I Hero series.
Audience: KS2 (all yrs) Yr 7s and mixed audience (families and friends)
Numbers: 60 – 300 (more may be possible by agreement)
Time: @60 minutes



A lively, interactive literary game show, based on our Challenger series.
Audience: Yr 5/6/7 and mixed audience (families and friends)
Numbers: 60 – 300 (more may be possible by agreement)
Time: @60 minutes



This lively and hysterically funny show is based on our Mad Myths series.
It is a fully interactive literary game show centred around Greek myths and legends.
Audience: KS2 (all yrs) Yr 7s and mixed audience (families and friends)
Numbers: 60 – 300 (more may be possible by agreement)
Time: @60 minutes



May be combined with any of the above sessions. The aim of the workshops is to:
• enthuse students about the writing process
• give students confidence in formulating and planning their work
• encourage students to concentrate on specific use of language for maximum effect
Audience: Yrs 5/6 / KS3 / KS4 and 6th Form
Numbers: No more than 60
Time: negotiable, but at least 60 minutes
Please contact us for more details of this session.



We can offer a combination of the above sessions as part of a transition day for yr 6 students visiting their new secondary school.
Please contact us for more details.




We also offer interactive drama workshops using conventions such as role play, hot seating, forum theatre, still images, improvisation etc.
The theme of these can be negotiated and may be used in conjunction with an “author” visit.





These are becoming more popular with schools inviting a paying audience of parents and friends for an after-school session in order to:
• Involve parents and the PTA in a literacy event
• Help cover some of the costs of the visit.
We usually recommend one of our literary game shows for this event as it is appropriate for all ages and works on many levels!



We are also able to offer a Writer in Residence scheme.
This could be spread over a period of time, with support being offered via e mail/web cam.
Please contact us for further information about these options.



We can offer sessions on:-
“Struggling” Readers
Creative Writing
Active Learning
Engaging and Enthusing Boys to Read
We can also deliver Key Note speeches/workshops for conferences.
Appropriate fees can be negotiated for these sessions.



We are able to offer sessions on study skills for Year 10/11 students (and parents!!). These talks/workshops are based on our book Get Better Grades. Please contact us for further information about these talks.