Dragonsdale Series

When we talk to people about writing, we always say, “write about what you know about!” So how can we write about dragons? We’ve never met any or even seen one. But what we did in this series is to combine Steve B’s knowledge of flying and Steve S’s knowledge of horses and so create flying horses – in other words, dragons! We also added our love of Celtic mythology and English folklore to the stories to create the world of Bresal – we hope that it’s the sort of place our readers would want to visit!
We also wrote it under a pseudonym – Salamanda Drake! A Salamanda is a fire eating lizard and Drake is the old English word for dragon. But it is really us!


A stable of dragons to groom, train and ride! That’s Dragonsdale, a riding school run by Cara’s dad. All Cara’s friends are busy preparing their dragons for the Island Championships. But ever since her mum’s terrible accident, Cara is forbidden to ride. Against her father’s wishes, she trains the wild dragon, Skydancer in secret, and dreams of a a day when she, too, can take flight!

The 2Steves say… “This is one of our favourite series. We wrote four books about the world of Bresal – the third and the fourth are only available in German!”

Other people say… “…filled with adventure, perils, and triumphs that will keep readers avidly involved.”

Chicken House ISBN 978 1 905294 30 5




At Dragonsdale, where riding is the most important thing in the world, there’s stormy weather ahead for best friends, Breena and Cara! Breena doesn’t mean to be jealous, but even though Cara has been dragonriding for a short while, she’s already a top competitor. To fulfill her dream of joining the guard flight, Breena has to beat her best friend. But when the two girls quarrel and Moonflight is injured, their friendship is put to the test. Will it survive?

The 2Steves say… “This is the second book in the Dragonsdale series. We loved writing about the world of Bresal’s dragonriders and having to research it by visiting airshows, grubby stables and gymkhanas! We think it’s a cracking read… Enjoy!”

Other people say… “Any girl in our world who has ever dreamed of riding horses will relate to Cara.”

Chicken House ISBN 978 1 905294 56 5